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Dental Health & Safety Course

Dental Health & Safety Course

Dental Health & Safety Course


Dental Health & Safety Legislation Training

The Government of Ontario has now made it mandatory for all Ontario employers to ensure compliance with the Provincial Occupational Health & Safety Awareness (OHSA) Law. As a result, all staff are now required to receive Occupational Health & Safety Awareness training, not just Health & Safety representatives.

Workplace inspections will be done sporadically and without notice by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) to ensure compliance with the Provincial OHSA Law.

This important lecture contains Health & Safety Legislation information that is specific to dental practices. As well, checklists are explained in detail in order for all team members to fully understand what is required of them to ensure the practice is compliant.

Danielle Ritchie will engage the team and encourage everyone to ask questions by relaying experiences and anecdotes to help the team thoroughly understand the OHSA legislation.

After attending this lecture, you will leave feeling confident that you now have the knowledge and tools required to have a healthy “Internal Responsibility System” (IRS), and are able to help apply the Health & Safety protocols necessary to ensure your practice’s compliance success!

Some of the items discussed will include:

  • First Aid and Eye Wash Station
  • Safety engineered needles (SENS) policy
  • Required office documents/forms/posters
  • Information regarding WHMIS certification
  • Workplace violence and harassment policy
  • What the MOL looks for if they come into your practice!
  • Items required for your practice’s Health & Safety bulletin board

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If you would also like to purchase a personalized (for your office) Health & Safety Manual, we can provide that as well.

Our Health & Safety expert will assist in personalizing all the policies and procedures in your binder to cater to the specific needs of your practice!

Your Dental Heath & Safety binder will include:
* OHSA (printed verison)
* Policies and Procedures
* All required forms and documents
* Infection, Prevention and Control (IPAC)

Lecture - $1,500 | Lecture & Manual - $2,180 | Manual Only - $830

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