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What We Solve With Training


Leigh developed Talkin’ Teeth Dental Training to be the ultimate in-office resource for all your training needs.

Our in-office training will help your team become ultimate customer service providers, as well as become more effective and proficient in all aspects of their responsibilities. Training is done during weekly in-office visits in the comfort of your office when it makes sense with your schedule.

Our training is set up to train employees by their position in the office. Training is assigned progressively to employees so they can learn about each aspect of their responsibilities in order. Or, to do specific training in areas they may need to improve or refresh. We recommend that Office Manager training be conducted only with management level employees on the team.

Our on-site training programs have been developed to achieve results with a solid return on investment. Our proven strategies ensure operational excellence and enhanced patient care. Whether you are looking to train staff to increase their performance and effectiveness, implement policies and procedures that will significantly impact productivity and profitability, and/or streamline and better integrate your systems to improve efficiency, Talkin’ Teeth can meet your needs. And we’re not satisfied until you and your team are.

Training Categories

Receptionist – Front Desk
Recall Coordinator
Treatment Coordinator
Office Manager
Hygiene Patient-Centred Care


On-site coaching and training programs have been developed to achieve results with a solid return on investment.  Our proven strategies ensure operational excellence and enhanced patient care.  Whether you are looking to streamline and better integrate your systems to improve efficiency, train staff to increase their performance and effectiveness, and or implement policies and procedures that will significantly impact productivity and profitability, Talkin’ Teeth can meet your needs.


A Practice Assessment is completed during an on-site visit that includes the review of human resources and team effectiveness, leadership and management, operational and administrative systems, treatment presentation protocols, hygiene department, and a limited chart audit.   A one-on-one meeting is scheduled with each team member and the dental practice owner to clarify goals and potential growth areas.  A comprehensive report outlining observations and recommendations for moving forward will conclude the practice assessment.

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The objective of this one day training course is to provide an understanding of the roles of each team member with respect to the treatment coordinator’s position within a dental practice.
Course participants are introduced to effective presentation techniques that provide patients with options that allow them to make informed decisions about their care.  “Case acceptance increases dramatically when individuals are provided with the skills to become effective Treatment Coordinators”.  Participants will be equipped with the necessary tools to implement techniques and communication strategies to conduct successful treatment presentations for their patients.  The ‘5 Steps to Success’ are the foundation of this training course:

• Determine the Treatment
• Prepare for the Consultation
• Conduct Consultation
• Present Financing Options
• Provide Post-Operative Care

Please see the Calendar for the next Treatment Coordinator Training Course and for registration details.

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On-site training with Talkin’ Teeth releases an individual’s potential to maximize their own performance by helping them to learn in real life circumstances.  An individualized training plan for each participating team member will be established and implemented with an “execute with confidence” approach.  Treatment Coordinator training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Review of the current treatment process, including policies and procedures
  • Explore the team dynamics with respect to the treatment process
  • Examine treatment planning, verbal skills and patient education
  • Conduct a live consultation with your patient while the participant observes
  • Feedback is provided at the conclusion of a live consultation conducted by the participant

A comprehensive report outlining recommendations for each participant will conclude the Treatment Coordination Individual Training program.

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Talkin’ Teeth offers assistance to dental practices in the areas of leadership, team development, best practices, patient retention techniques and implementing sustainable practice protocols.  We will help with Human Resource Management with specific emphasis on guiding principles, including policies and procedures developed with the staff and patients’ best interests in mind.  Conducting a full office assessment including analysis of production, marketing, operations, insurance, incentive program, chart audit, and time management evaluation, including hygiene production, will allow Talkin’ Teeth to develop an individualized plan to meet the needs of your practice.

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Talkin’ Teeth offers support for dental practices after formal training is complete.  Maintaining the achieved level of communication, team dynamics, patient relations and case acceptance are only a few of the areas that we can assist in maintaining on a monthly schedule.  The Maintenance Program is designed to reinforce training protocols specifically FOR YOUR PRACTICE.  On-site visits every 4 to 6 weeks are followed up with an update report to identify areas of concern and track progress.

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