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Here is what people are saying about Leigh Gowland and Talkin’ Teeth!

“Leigh Gowland has been a much needed and appreciated addition to my office. Her hands-on, leading-by-example approach has really helped my staff communicate better with our patients and with each other, resulting in a better team and improving stats. She has a way of getting her message through while making everyone laugh which helps a lot in the often tense world of dentistry.”

Dr. Bollo-Kamara DDS
Shoreham Dental

"It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Leigh Gowland, her performance working as a dental consultant for Appleday Dental Care proved that she would be a valuable addition to any dental office. Our office would rank her as one of the best consultants we have ever had. Leigh’s treatment planning and presentation skills are very clear and to the point, leaving patients aware and educated on their needs and therefore readily accepting treatment. Leigh coached our office on her “5 Steps to Success” and we increased our productivity immediately after. Leigh was a pleasure to work with and has an amazing sense of humour, this has brought our office together and working as a team.

In short I would consider any dental office very lucky to have Leigh join their team, If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Pina Barbieri, Office Manager
Apple Day Dental Dr Alex Pister DDS

“Since the introduction of Leigh Gowland to Concord Oral Surgery our practice has made significant strides as a team as well as individually. One of the initial changes made within our practice was the implementation of a Treatment Coordinator. There have been multiple benefits for our patients with this approach, such as: providing a private consultation tailored to their individual’s needs & concerns, which has helped to foster a relationship between the practice and the patient. With this direct line of communication the patient(s) have a point of contact within the office they can discuss questions or concerns they may have regarding treatment. This has empowered our patients and encouraged them to make conscious, educated decisions about treatment.”

“Leigh has educated our team to be more empathetic to the individual needs of our patients and that educating the patient is the key to them understanding and accepting treatment. Through this approach it has allowed us to provide our patients with the utmost in care.  Leigh has encouraged us to work together, remain open minded and non-judgmental when interacting with one another which as a collective has helped us to move with a quiet confidence in all areas of our practice.”

“Our overall experience with Leigh Gowland has been exceptional. Her exuberance and knowledge have been immeasurable. Since the implementation of this program case acceptance has increased 37% on average within our practice. We would like to extend our gratitude to Leigh for her insights and our appreciation for the time dedicated to our practice both collectively and individually.”   With sincere appreciation and thanks,

Frances Lourenco, Office Manager
Concord Oral Surgery,
Dr. Robert Barron, DDS